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Tim’s Students Speak

mike leeney success storyOne of the best decisions I’ve made in my life was to take Tim Taylor’s Real Estate Success Coaching program. I needed to make a decision on what I was going to do with my life after being in the service for over 25 years. I knew I wanted to have more control over my life and pursue a new venture where the sky was the limit.

I decided to take Tim’s 12-week coaching program. It has proved to be an extremely wise and profitable decision.
Since I took the program, I have bought and sold 3 homes which have provided me with a $108,500 net profit. Oh by the way, these deals were completed part time while I had a full time job in the service.

The Real Estate knowledge Tim has taught me is second to none. More importantly though, he has taught me the importance of drafting up my life plan in all facets of my life, how to create my vision, focus areas, resources and establish measurable goals.

In my opinion, the true value in Tim’s course is what he calls “The Inner Game”, simply stated, overcoming your fears and taking action towards your goals in life.

I most strongly recommend Tim’s coaching program to other folks.

Mike Leeney
Commander U.S. Navy, (retired)

Dave Lembo Success StoryI hired Tim Taylor to personally coach me as I entered the real estate investing business. I was a little nervous walking away from a secure job with a salary that paid me slightly more than $100,000/year, but after following Tim’s advice, I profited more than 3 times that number my first year of investing! My second year, my profits were $782,000 and (as he promised) I became a millionaire before the end of my third year. Yes, Tim charged me top dollar for his coaching, but I have—literally—recouped my initial investment 500 times over. The time and money I invested with Tim Taylor was the best financial decision I have ever made!”

Dave Lembo
Real Estate Investor and Self-made Millionaire

Chad Strong Success StoryTim, just like you, when I decided to become a real estate investor I knew who my next mentor was going to be, and it was you, but you didn’t know at that time. I was fortunate enough to live in the same hometown as you, watching you become very successful in a short period of time and continually growing over the years, yet not personally knowing you at that time.

So while others may have to use a little faith in making the decision join your mentorship program, when I heard you were now mentoring others, I knew your 12-week coaching program was a must for me. There was just something different that you had, that no other investor around did. I was amazed that during your 12-week course I bought 4 houses, and I am closing on a 5th one soon. I would not have bought these houses had I not been through your training. If anyone is questioning whether or not to take your course, have them call me and I will erase all doubt.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Your student and friend,

Chad E. Strong

Carrie Lucas Success StoryTim has helped me create the life I’ve always wanted!” In 2006, I quit my full time job in Sales to invest in real estate and spend more time with my family. Tim helped me develop my ultimate vision and purpose so that I too, could have the time of my life and the financial freedom that my family deserves and desires.

With Tim’s coaching, I successfully closed my first Short Sale… deals that most investors pass up because they don’t know how to do them… and netted a profit of $20,240 by taking over the deed “subject to” with nothing more than a $100.00 earnest money deposit!!

There is nothing like Tim’s coaching and I’m privileged to have become a part of his inner circle.

Carrie Lucas
Real Estate Investor, Indianapolis, IN

Chris Niphakis Success StoryI just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you 7,000 times because that is the amount of the check I got on my first deal during your course. I can’t believe that within the first 7 weeks of the course I got this deal and made $7,000.

To be honest that’s just about triple my monthly salary at the JOB I have. I can’t wait until I can do this full time.

Thanks for your amazing teaching and guidance that you have provided me.

If any of your clients finds this hard to believe, have them call me. Because I didn’t believe it before I started. It was a leap of faith that has now turned into reality!”

Chris Niphakis
Quebec, Canada

Michael Nitti Success StoryIn an industry flooded with “wanna-be’s”, Tim Taylor is the real deal! He is the only Real Estate Success Coach I have ever recommended to my clients. I have watched him turn people with zero experience into seasoned investors in no time at all, so you can imagine what he does with people who already have some experience. When I first got a look at his marketing system, it blew me away. Working with Tony Robbins, I know a thing or two about marketing, yet Tim is the master. Of course, I also know coaching, and what really sets Tim apart is that fact that he is not only a street-smart investor, but truly understands what makes people tick; he is a master at inspiring others to succeed. You cannot afford to pass up any opportunity to work with Tim Taylor!

Michael Nitti
Former VP with Tony Robbins / Certified Life Coach & Consultant

George Scribano Success StoryRemarkable! In my fifteen years as a Real Estate Broker and Private Lender, and especially in this market, I have never seen results like this. Your 10-day system for selling houses is truly amazing. Everything in the Tampa Bay area seems to be at a standstill in this down market, but Tim sold the house in a week. Tim borrowed six figures from me and in less than 45 days he paid me off. His return of 278% on this one deal alone was very impressive.

George Scribano

Steven Gray II Success StoryTim Taylor is by far one of the greatest individuals I have ever met. The amount of energy and knowledge that flows through him is truly awe inspiring. Tim’s coaching concepts are so unique and powerful in removing the barriers that hold us back from finding the success that we truly deserve. At the ripe age of 25, Tim has really bridged the gap between where I am and where I want to be at a very deep level. Because of his coaching, I am now leaps ahead of other individuals, both personally and professionally.

I began my real estate career under the tutelage of Tim in December of 2006. My background primarily consisted of many successes in the cell phone industry and Public Relation fields. I had no clue how to tackle the real estate industry, especially with the down market that Tampa had been suffering.

Within 2 weeks of working with Tim, I had 2 deeds signed over and began working my first short sale… I couldn’t believe it! This trend continued over 6 months. Where others were having trouble buying and selling homes, I was consistently finding success.

Recently, Tim decided to make success coaching a full-time career. At that time, he turned his real estate business over to me and stayed on as my coach. Within 2 weeks, I had 3 contracts and successfully flipped one property. 6 weeks into the business, I had 18 contracts, 15 deeds, and was closing on 3 sales!

Tim has given me a new outlook on success, relationships and life. He created a life plan that guides me daily towards being an honest, responsible, and confident adult. No amount of money could ever repay Tim for the remarkable changes he has made in my life. I owe him the world and speak of his teachings with every individual I meet. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice investor, I passionately recommend Tim’s coaching.

Steven Gray II
Co-Founder, Good Faith Home Options
Tampa, Florida